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понеделник, 3 октомври 2011 г.

Pitching forum

edition of Visegrád exchange forum
held at
AniFest 2012
calls for projects of future animation short films
into the pitching competition
11 International Festival of Animated films AniFest 2012 (26 April - 1 May) organises a competition of projects of future animation short films with the producers' pitching  sessions.
The 15 selected projects will be presented at the festival programme of Exchange Production Forum in front of international producers, professionals and potential coproducers looking for new talents and young promissing filmmakers. Each project can be represented at most by one author and one producer at the final pitching session.
The pitching competition is open to any East European or Visegrad project. We accept also projects from Western Europe that have any relation to our region or that emphasises the values of European culture exchange and international cooperation.
The pitching jury of international professionals will choose the Best project that will be awarded
by The Prize of the company KNAUF with the prize money of 1000 euro.
for further development of the film.
You can submit your project by filling the entry form on this site:
The deadline for submission is on 28 February 2012
conditions For submitting:
  • AniFest accepts only short film projects of films under 30 minutes of lenght
  • At least 50 percent of the film must be done with an animation or multimedia technique with the emphasis on the graphical form of the final result.
  • The project must have a producer who could represent it at the pitching competition alone or with one author (filmmaker or designer).
  • There is no fee for submission of the project.
  • The project must be accompamied by a description of a basic idea, a synopsis, examples of graphic and visual style, short biography of a director and presentation of the producer and a realistic estimation of a budget and a development plan.
  • The competition does not have an age limits but we support mainly young filmmakers and artists under the age of 38.
Details about the project
Supportive iniciative of Visegrád Exchange Forum is focusing on young talents, filmmakers, students at the end of their curriculum, who are trying to produce their animated short films and start an international carrier. By participating at this Anifest program they can learn more about the possibilities of European audiovisual market, meet potential coproduction partners and find new possibilities of financing a project.
Festival comitee will choose fifteen best projects that will be presented at the pitching competition organised at the Visegrád Exchange Forum at Anifest 2012. One project can be represented by one producer and one author at the most who will be attending a special preparation workshop in order to consult their projects with professionals before the final pitching. Participants will be able to enter any of Visegrád Exchange Forum lectures on modern production abilities in animation films and on development of projects lead by international experts. If you are interested we can send you transcriptions of the last year debates.
Such an event offers also unique possibilities of meeting foreign profesionals and producers looking for new talents and interesting topics from our region. The program will offer formal and informal oportunities how to meet them and discuss possibilities of coproductions in our region between countries with different production capacity. There will be also several case studies presented of such coproduction cooperation.
The first year of this iniciative was visited by local professionals but also by various international producers: Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit), Arnaud Demuynck (Films du Nord, La Boite Production), Christian Pfohl (Lardux), Olivier Catherin (Les Trois Ours), Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions), Sébastien Vincent (Eslanimation studio), Vessela Dantcheva (Fin film, Bulharsko).
There were also Sales Agents : Anja Šošič (New Europe Film Sales), Peter Haueis (KurzFilmAgentur, Hamburg e.V.).
Next year we expect also a very good line up of international producers. We will be updating the list continuously.
For more information contact:
Michal Procházka

Jindřicha Plachty 28
150 00, Prague 5
Czech Republic

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