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понеделник, 27 февруари 2012 г.

Felix the Cat: Felix in Hollywood (1923)

Работа за дипломираните студенти

Job Description

We're looking for a highly motivated Junior Producer.
We will have the right position for you:
  • if you have great communication and organisational skills
  • if you already have some experience in coordinating projects
  • if you want to broaden your experience about production from start to finish
  • if you are eager to get projects off the ground
  • if you like to be a strong team player
  • if you enjoy concept creation
  • if you are proactive and motivating
  • if you like challenges

Desired Skills & Experience

Skills required:
  • university degree either in mediaproduction, animation or postproductin or a related field or equivalent work experience
  • a very strong understanding and sense for design & time based media
  • at least 3 years work experience in a production environment (preferably animation, post- or multi-media production)
  • very good organizational and communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner while meeting deadlines
  • ability to motivate team members and to solve problems efficiently and patiently
  • attention to detail as well as creativity and flexibility
  • fluent English (written and spoken), additional languages are also welcome
  • broad experience in using Microsoft Excel
  • open mind and strong desire to be part of a creative team

Company Description

FISH BLOWING BUBBLES is an independent production company specialized in the creation of digital content. We combine emotional storytelling with top notch graphic & motion design that speaks to the masses or reaches niche audiences. Our inhouse production facilities cover high-end 3D rendering for feature film and vfx, series and interactive industry expos. We offer a high diversity of projects and international clients ranging from automotive, future technology, film&tv and game brands.

Additional Information

February 10, 2012
Not Applicable
Project Management 
Media Production, Animation, Design 
Job ID:

четвъртък, 23 февруари 2012 г.


Last call for projects into the pitching forum
AniFest announces a competition of future animation short films projects with the producers´ pitching  sessions.
The 15 selected projects will be presented at the festival programme of Exchange Production Forum in front of international producers, professionals and potential co-producers looking for new talents and young promissing filmmakers. Each project can be represented at most by one author and one producer at the final pitching session.
The pitching competition is open to any East European or Visegrad project. We accept also projects from Western Europe that has any relation to our region or that emphasises values of European culture exchange and international cooperation.
The pitching jury of international professionals will choose the best project that will be awarded by the KNAUF company award that includes a prize money of 1000 EUR for the development of the film.
You can submit your film by filling the entry form.
!!!The deadline is February 28, 2012!!!

Нова идея на фестивала Щутгарт



DEADLINE: March 16th, 2012

Dear Filmmakers, students and teachers!

Animation and fashion – two creative fields one would not associate at first glance. A new form of partnership between the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger and the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film is paving new ways for creativity stepping ahead on an exciting course at the interface of design, creation and animation. The newly launched competition "Animated Fashion" links the target groups of both sectors and offers a platform to a young creative fashion and film community. Experience lifestyle, exclusiveness and new trends with one of Europe’s leading companies for luxury goods and one of the most successful festivals for animation film around the world.

We would like to invite you to submit films on the subject of fashion produced at your school until March 16, 2012. We are happy to assist you with contacting and teaming fashion schools and animation classes to develop new exciting ideas and produce animated films together.
The awards ceremony will take place on May 12, 2012 at Breuninger as part of the 19th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (May 8-13, 2012). The Animated Fashion Show – including the "Rainbow Carpet" and presentations of projects, interviews, celebrity & fashion talk, live music and live visuals, DJs and an exclusive fashion show.

The new Award's aim focuses on addressing the community on web 2.0. All of the three nominated films will be presented on the web on all websites and social media platforms of Breuninger and the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. Therefore the copyright compensation payments, by which Breuninger is entitled to the non-exclusive rights of use for the nominated films on the web for the duration of one year starting on May 12, 2012, need to be met.

A pre-selection committee comprising animation filmmakers and fashion designers will nominate the three best submissions for the "Animated Fashion" Award, which comes with respectively 1,000 euros prize money. The winning film is awarded 2,000 euros prize money and the unique opportunity to produce a commercially used trailer (for web 2.0) for Breuninger.

Please find the regulations and entry form on our homepage.

Thank you for your co-operation, we are looking forward to the contributions!

Yours faithfully

Ulrich Wegenast
Managing Director, Programme

вторник, 14 февруари 2012 г.

От департамента

Моля, бихте ли разпространили тази информация на студентите, както и на стената на НБУ. Организираме КОНКУРС с парични награди за изработване на анимационен филм, на обща стойност 18 000 лв. Вижте приложената информация
Също така, в момента текат безплатни прожекции на най-добрите филми от МФАФ “Златен Кукер – София” 2011, всеки ВТОРНИК и СРЯДА от 19:30ч. /вижте програмата в excel файла/
Да не забравяме и факта, че още не е приключило набирането на филми за 3-тото издание на фестивала от 11 до 17 юни 2012: http://animationfest-bg.eu/bg/submit
Наградите са общо 11, а тази за ЕКО анимационен филм в конкурса на фестивала е с награден фонд от 5 000 лв., осигурен от Оперативна Програма “ОКОЛНА СРЕДА”.
За повече информация и въпроси, моля свържете се с мен:
Katia Vassileva | Festival Organiser
44 Rayko Aleksiev Street | 2nd floor | 1113 Sofia | Bulgaria (
T/F: +359 2 829 2017 | M: +359 892 468 123



Международният Фестивал на Анимационния Филм “Златен Кукер – София”

и Българска Асоциация на Независимите Художници Аниматори - БАНХА

с помощта на Оперативна Програма ОКОЛНА СРЕДА
към Министерството на Околната Среда и Водите



за реализиране на едноминутни анимационни филми с ЕКО послание

в 3 отделни теми по избор

«Опазване на водите»
Първа награда 3 000 лв.
Втора награда 2 000 лв.
Трета награда 1 000 лв.

«Отпадъкът е ресурс»
Първа награда 3 000 лв.
Втора награда 2 000 лв.
Трета награда 1 000 лв.

«Човекът – част от биоразнообразието»
Първа награда 3 000 лв.
Втора награда 2 000 лв.
Трета награда 1 000 лв.

9-те най-добри филми избрани от журито на конкурса ще бъдат наградени на Официалната церемония по закриване на 3-тия Международен Фестивал на Анимационния Филм "ЗЛАТЕН КУКЕР – СОФИЯ" на 16 юни 2012 година.

  • дължина: до 1 минута
  • анимационна техника: без ограничения
  • режисьор на филма: студент по Анимация или Сценография [учащ в България]


на адрес (по пощата/куриер или на място)

ж.к. Изток, ул. Райко Алексиев 44, ет. 2
София 1113

За контакти:

Катя Василева
тел. 02/ 929 4500, 02/ 411 0420