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четвъртък, 23 февруари 2012 г.


Last call for projects into the pitching forum
AniFest announces a competition of future animation short films projects with the producers´ pitching  sessions.
The 15 selected projects will be presented at the festival programme of Exchange Production Forum in front of international producers, professionals and potential co-producers looking for new talents and young promissing filmmakers. Each project can be represented at most by one author and one producer at the final pitching session.
The pitching competition is open to any East European or Visegrad project. We accept also projects from Western Europe that has any relation to our region or that emphasises values of European culture exchange and international cooperation.
The pitching jury of international professionals will choose the best project that will be awarded by the KNAUF company award that includes a prize money of 1000 EUR for the development of the film.
You can submit your film by filling the entry form.
!!!The deadline is February 28, 2012!!!

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