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четвъртък, 27 октомври 2011 г.

Възможности за по- младите аниматори с авторски проекти

The next step of Script Development,
Pitching & Branding
Push your project!
p r o f e s s i o n a l
E A M p r o f e s s i o n a l
E ur o p ea n A ni m a t io n M a s t e r c l a ss
International Academy of Media and Arts e.V.
Mr. Mike Riemenscheider
Mansfelder Straße 56, 06108 Halle (Saale)
Tel. +49 (0)345 47 80 808
Fax +49 (0)345 47 80 888
E-mail: eamprofessional@iama-halle.de
Homepage: www.iama-halle.de
If you would like more information, please
contact us by phone or email!
The EAMprofessional is organised by the International Academy of Media and Arts with the friendly support of:
Conditions of participation: Interested professionals with a project from all areas of
Animation, Games, Documentary & Live Action from MEDIA Member Countries and
Participation fee: € 350.00 / module, with early booking discount: € 300.00 / module
The price includes meals during the workshops, participation in the Welcome Dinner
and Farewell Lunch as well as all course materials.
Scholarship: preferred for participants from all MEDIA Member Countries and Croatia,
applicable to participation fees and accommodation; travel costs will be borne by
the participants.
Please fi nd the application form and the project submission details on our website
www.iama-halle.de. If required, we will reserve a hotel room in the direct vicinity of
the course venue for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like our
support with planning your visit!
E A M p r o f e s s i o n a l
The European Training Programme for Animation Professionals!
After a successful premiere last year “EAMprofessional” will be continued
in 2011. The International Academy of Media and Arts will
present again the module-based workshops with a focus on practical
In November 2011, two different modules will refl ect specifi c features
of animation fi lm production. Under the guidance of experienced
animation experts, the EAMprofessional focuses in detail on
the individual production phases and their particularities in creating
an animation fi lm. The workshop is aimed at young professionals,
animation professionals, fi lmmakers, artists as well as the so-called
“Next Generation”. In doing so, we want to promote cross-genre exchange
and invite – apart from representatives of the animation industry
– also the “border crossers” among the fi lmmakers to open
up to the animation genre (e.g. games, animation in documentaries
or live action movies). As a participant, you bring your own project
to the workshop and benefi t directly from the exchange with other
participants, personal discussions with our experts or from intensive
group work.
This network provides an ideal environment in which to examine
ideas with regard to their feasibility, develop contacts, stimulate collaboration
and discover new perspectives for perhaps becoming a
border crosser yourself.
EAMprofessional 2011 is a perfect follow-up for events
like CARTOON FORUM, MIPCOM, MIPjunior etc.!
Join us in Halle!
MODULES of the EAMprofessional 2011
Junior Producers, Junior Directors,
Story Editors, Screenwriters, Writers,
Storyboarders, Character Designers,
Top Talents, Assistants, Editors of public
sector and private TV stations
Mike Robinson > was
born in the UK. After working
in managing positions at the
Manchester Library Theatre
Company and at Cosgrove
Hall productions, he sat up
his own animation consultancy
in 1992. He was one of the founder members
of The British Animation Training Scheme
(BATS); he is chairperson at Cartoon Forum 2011
in Sopot, Poland and is invited to conduct animation
seminars on many business aspects of
animation production.
Joan Lofts > was appointed Director of Television at Contender Entertainment Group
in 2001 after a long term career in Britsh television (e.g. Director of Broadcasting at ITV2
or Deputy Head of Acquisitions and Development at BBC). Recent animated hits include
“Tractor Tom”, “Peppa Pig”, “Humf”, “Little Kingdom” and a special for Channel 4 “Lost
and Found”. Joan is now semi retired but is still keeping her hand in with individual
projects and mentoring opportunities. She is a chairperson for the Cartoon Forum 2011
in Sopot, Poland.
Eckart Fingberg (Hamburg, Germany) > has been involved as creator, writer and director
for a number of successful animated European feature fi lms and TV series, such as
“Werner – Das muss kesseln” (animation supervision), “Jasper the penguin” and “Lazy
Lucy” (creator, head author) and most currently, “The little Knight Trenk” (director, head
author). Fingberg teaches design and story development at the Animation School Hamburg
and works as guest lecturer for other institutions and workshops.
· Key knowledge and the latest know-how
· Basics and tools for script development,
storytelling, pitching & branding
· Working groups and individual project
24 / 11 | 19 h > Welcome Dinner
25 / 11 | 9 – 18 h > Workshop
19 h > Sightseeing and
26 / 11 | 9 – 18 h > Workshop
27 / 11 | 9 – 13 h > Workshop
13 h > Farewell Lunch
Christophe Erbes > was born in France. He worked for Canal+ International in Paris.
He was then responsible for the kids’ and short fi lms de-partment at PREMIERE in Germany
before becoming Head of Programmes at S-RTL / Disney Germany. After being Head
of Programmes and Deputy Managing Director of NICKELODEON Germany, he was Managing
Director at Fox Kids / Jetix in Madrid, London and Munich. He is a Member of the Board
of the German kids fi lms support association. Under pseudonym, he is a published kids’
books author and a script writer.
Pete Reeves (Manchester, UK) > has scripted “Bob the Builder” for HIT Entertainment
and has written “Bob” stage shows plus full length DVDs. For his work on “Bob the
Builder” he won a fi nalist’s certifi cate at the New York Animation Festival 2007. Other
credits include “Timmy-Time” for Aardman Animation and “Chuggington” for Ludorum.
Currently, among other works in development, he’s scripting a pre-school series for Steve
Walsh Productions/Epidem Zot Helsinki called “NOKSU”. Pete lectures on Scriptwriting
at Salford University and at the Animation workshop, Viborg, Denmark.
· Preparation & Pitching Techniques –
The importance of audience, material,
timing and body language Screenings
· Assessment of marketability and
revenue potential
The Professional Programme for Animation and Cross-Genres
MODULE 2 24/11 – 27/11/2011
Push your project!
The next step of Script Development, Pitching & Branding
Workshop Contents Date Early Bird Submission
MODULE 1 Financing and Handling of International Co-Productions 10/11 – 13/11/2011 19/09/2011 17/10/2011
MODULE 2 Push your project! 24/11 – 27/11/2011 04/10/2011 31/10/2011
The next step of Script Development, Pitching & Branding

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