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сряда, 21 март 2012 г.


Professional training in 3d animation

Added by Cartoon Media - 24/02/2012

The aim of ANOMALIA is to train young professionals and students in the field of animation either to get into 3d character animation and/or increase the competitiveness of modern 3d animation in eastern and central Europe in an overall european context. In close relation with local universities, the course is designed as an extra semestr to increase the technological and artistic experteese of animation artists and provide professional training. It is a summer event in one of the most beautiful towns of the Czech republic. Inspirational, intensive and collaborative. Ideal for traditional animators.
Teaching provided only by active high level professionals from the world’s best studios such as PIXAR Animation Studios and others.
Target groups are trainers, graduates of arts schools in the field of animation, young animation industry professionals.

- 3D character animation
- Animating a short film
- Pantomime for Animators
- Studio Pipeline
- Character design for 3D films.

July 16th - October 5th 2012

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