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сряда, 23 февруари 2011 г.

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Cartoon Forum 2011: submit a project by 27 April

Dear producer,

The application documents to submit a new animation project (TV series) to Cartoon Forum 2011 are online at http://www.cartoon-media.eu/FORUM/registration.php
Deadline: 27 April 2011.

You will also find all the information in the vade-mecum, with details about the event and the project submission, which you can download here.

Cartoon Forum Polska, the co-production event for European animation TV series, will take place in Sopot (Poland) from 13-16 September 2011.

- It should be a European animation project of TV series or TV special, at the development stage (check out our Conditions of admission)

- If your project is selected, you will be able to pitch it in front of all potential investors, buyers and co-producers in order to conclude the project's budget and catch the eye of a broadcaster

- 700/750 participants each year, including 240 buyers

Good luck with your projects!
With best regards,
European Association of Animation Film AISBL
Avenue Huart Hamoir 105 - 1030 Brussels - Belgium
Tel: +32 2 242 93 43 - Fax: +32 2 245 46 89

he deadline for submitting projects to the Visegrád Exchange Production Forum is extended to 15 March 2011!
International Festival of Animated Films AniFest (26 April - 1 May 2011, held in Teplice, www.anifest.cz) invites young filmmakers, artists, students and producers from East and Central Europe to submit their projects of a short animated film to Visegrád Exchange Production Forum (meeting with international producers and pitching session) or to take part at professional workshops and lectures held by international producers and film professionals.
You are invited to submit your project using the form bellow according to the terms for submissions and regulations. Please enclose an authorisation of publishing your materials in the database of New Animation Projects.
The AniFest 2011 pitching will be held on 28th April  2011.
Terms for submitted cartoon and animation projects
o     The animated film project must be of short métrage (up to 30 minutes) with short description, directors statement and basic idea about visual form of the film.
o     At least 50 percent of the film must be shot in one of the animation techniques or multimedia forms that uses the principles of animation film.
o     The film project must have a director or a producer who could represent it at the festival pitching meeting.
o     Filmmakers and producers do not pay any entry fee.
o     The assured pre-financement is not necessary but the project should have an estimated, realistic budget.
You can submit your project of a new film for Pitching forum by filling the application form from the end of this document and sending it to michal.prochazka@anifest.cz.
THE EXTENDED DEADLINE is 15th March!!!!!!
II. WORKSHOP: DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION OF A SHORT FILM ANIMATION PROJECT Young filmmakers, artists and producers from East and Central Europe are invited to participate at a professional workshop. They can attend lectures held by international producers and professionals and meet them in person.
Date: 27th April 2011
Who is attending:
These French producers are confirmed: Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit), Arnaud Demuynck (Films du Nord), Christian Pfohl (Lerdux), Olivier Catherin (Les Trois Ours). Others will follow, at the moment to be confirmed.
International producers: Vanja Andrejevič (Croatian independant producers), Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgarian producer, Fin film) and others to be confirmed.
1) Going East/ West - starting co-productions Vision of co-productions and collaboration with partners from different countries. What are conditions of getting into international co-production? How does a co-production work? How could you approach international producers or professionals who could step into your film? How much pre-financed must be your film? How can you control your artistic freedom?
2) How to bring together a bigger production club How can a foreign director ask for a support of for example French CNC? What animation skills, abilities or ideas from our territory could be interesting for foreign producers? How can you build up international co-production between more countries with different production force? How can you put it together technically and save as much money as possible?
3) Selling shorts
Sales agents from East and West part of Europe will explain how they buy short films for their catalogue. She will also give advices how the sales agents should be approached by producers and she will explain how can sales agencies help you with the distribution of your film.
4) Develop and write project kit
A French expert will reflect upon the concrete projects of participants of the pitching forum (as a preparation) and evaluate their quality. He will also give basic advices about the development of the project and writing international project proposals.
5) Case studies of co-productions between West European and East European countries
6) What role does a TV play
You can participate at workshops and lectures by saving your place at michal.prochazka@anifest.cz.
But AniFest covers 3 days of lodging only to participants of Pitching of projects and of Visegrad school film competition.

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