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събота, 15 декември 2012 г.

Нов начин да представите проекта си на Берлинале

The World of Shorts Magazine - as one of the most significant short film magazine, dealing exclusively with the short programmes of A-lister film festivals - is getting a new edition for the Berlinale 2013. As the editors we are offering a chance for you to present your next short film project. This chance is the Pitch Page.

The Pitch Page is a brand new way to present your next short film project. It’s like a pitch but happens in a magazine. Take a blank sheet of paper, draw, write, use photos, do whatever, use whatever technique, style that sells your project. Be creative, visual, personal, catchy!

We, the editors, will select the best 7 entries and will publish them in a dedicated section in the magazine. The selected 7 entries, alongside the other shortlisted film plans, will also be highlighted on our Facebook page and blog. The magazine will be published at the Berlinale in 5000 copies and will be seen by many industry professionals, producers, decision makers. Although this is the first time the World of Shorts presents the Pitch Page project, you can check the previous issues of the magazine here: www.issuu.com/daazo.

The submission fee is only 20 Euros/project. You can submit more than one project of course, but only one of your projects can be selected.

So here is what you have to do. Visit the Pitch Page on Daazo.com (www.daazo.com/pitchpage2013), use the Pay Pal Button to pay your submission fee, fill out and submit the application form. Then take a blank sheet of paper and show us the essence of your next short film. Do everything by December 20, 2012.


Best Regards,
the World of Shorts Magazine team

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